We are revolutionizing the breathwork industry by bridging the gap between science and spirituality and empowering more leaders across all industries to become more conscious and connected to the potential of their breath.


Whether you are a yoga teacher, coach, or leader in industries from the wellness space to education, the Academy of Breath® is meant to expand your core offering and empower your clients to experience self-healing, nervous system regulation, and connection through breathwork & meditation. The techniques you will learn are accessibly formatted for a modern audience - from children to seniors - blending spirituality with proven science.




Become a certified breathwork & meditation instructor.

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Join our 12-week online certification to learn the science & philosophy behind the breath.

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We broke the mold of what breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness is "supposed" to look like so that everyone feels at home when they join our programs. We are proud to break stereotypes if it means we get breathwork into the hands of every human being.

Start your personal breathwork and meditation journey with our six module self study course.


"I don’t even recognize myself!"

"I’ve become the person I dreamt of being."

"Best investment I’ve ever made in myself."

"i don’t even recognize myself!"

"i don’t even recognize myself!"

"i’ve become the person i dreamt of being."

"i’ve become the person i dreamt of being."

"best investment i’ve ever made in myself."

"best investment i’ve ever made in myself."


a membership for MANIFESTING a spiritually-led life



"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."


"My confidence was the biggest change for me and I couldn't be happier."

"In the beginning, I was so worried about if I'd be able to actually film a 10 minutes video for the certification. So many self-limiting beliefs were coming up, but the way the weeks were set up with weekly homework I slowly began to realize my power. I'm not the same person I was when I started the six weeks. I'm more confident, happier, and I know that I'm aligning with my purpose.

I learned a lot about the science and practice of meditation and breathwork, so that I can be knowledgable when working with others. It's incredible how confident I feel now about being able to lead sessions! Ava is truly the best and she is so genuine. Her support throughout the course and beyond is incredible."

Sabine L.

"I would absolutely recommend AOB to anyone looking to tap into a sisterhood of like-minded conscious women, deepen their practice & reconnect with their purpose."

"Especially during these times, I think receiving this type of education, especially from someone with Ava's experience, is extremely valuable and will help you navigate all of life's experiences by keeping you connected to our emotional and physical body. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use one of the techniques or skills I learned in this course to both keep me grounded AND in-addition support my own clients through their own transformations. Breath truly IS life and this program re-affirmed how important it is to nurture the relationship between our physical and spiritual self, especially after dealing with chronic illnesses that can cause you to feel disconnected."


"Now that I have dedicated myself to a daily practice I feel lighter, more confident, more in tune with what’s within and I know at the end of the day, I GOT THIS!"

"Third Eye opening! Thoughtful, expansive, deeply informative and filled with so much love and care. This is how I would describe the Academy of Breath™. AOB was really a unique experience not only because it was all virtual, but because it was my first Pranayama training. I didn’t know what to expect! At the beginning of 2020, I was a hot mess! I was lost in emotional pain and self doubt, wondering about my purpose and I knew that I was meant for something more and I was on a quest for a spiritual journey. That’s when I was introduced to Ava. I felt inspired and I had to get in on this practice! Breath work and meditation have changed me profoundly in just the past two months."

Marissa B.

I have the confidence to create practices for my clients to help support them on their own journey and transformation."

The Academy of Breath was informative and educational, but also so empowering and transformational for my own life and practice, my coaching business, and even my relationships. AND it was also SO MUCH FUN! And I’ve learned to embody my own practice even further; owning my own voice as a leader and healer in the spiritual wellness space.

I didn’t expect it, but more of me came out throughout this certification and I’m sharing more of my authentic self with the world every day. One of the biggest things for me was that I was able to integrate the practices that were presented right away with confidence.

Tara D.

Learn how to use breathwork and meditation to access your intuition and embody the practices that will change the world.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or email hi@avajohanna.com for support.

"The Academy of Breath opened my mind and heart to new possibilities for myself and my business."

This course is packed with incredible information presented in such a beautiful, digestible way!

The ultimate blend of science & spirituality. If you feel called to join AOB, listen to your calling- you will not be disappointed! 


"The Academy of Breath is the perfect blend of science and spirituality."

"The FB group provides a very supportive community as well! It is very educational and simultaneously, totally blissful.

Highly recommend the Academy of Breath to anyone looking to expand their offerings as a facilitator or as a student!"


"This program has opened up so many expansive goals in my career as a coach and leader.'

"The moment Ava shared The Academy of Breath Certification I knew I was in. Ava truly stretched my imagination and gave me so many tools to dive deeper into my purpose. She empowered me to be MYSELF, be unique and find your my own voice in this space. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your being and begin to trust your intuition and voice as a leader this certification is for you!"


- LEXI R. 

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