The Academy of Breath is committed to the intention of making mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork accessible to the masses. Our founder, Ava Johanna has appeared on several podcasts to speak on the power of the breath and the impact it can have on your life. Listen to the science, the magic, and the story behind The Academy of Breath below:

In this incredible convo with Bella Solanot, learn how breathwork and meditation can shift your conventional thinking and reveal innate capabilities powerful enough to reverse-engineer the life you want - right here, right now.

In this episode we talk about the following topics:
  • Rewiring the subconscious mind
  • Transmuting pain into power
  • The power of breath and slowing down
  • Understanding your soul + so much more!

in the press

In this episode, we dive into the healing benefits of breathwork, how taking control of your breath can help you take control of your life, the neuroscience behind various breathwork practices (like fight or flight vs rest + digest), and so much more!

Listen and learn:
  1. How breathwork can reframe your mental state in an instance
  2. How stress in your life is being amplified by poor breathing patterns
  3. Why you MUST give your body ample breath to supply the system

Listen now!

University of Adversity


Something To Share

Your Own Magic

The Great Girlfriends Show


unearthed podcast

100% BS

Sydney and Ava talk:
  • The science behind breathwork and why it works
  • Breathwork and manifestation
There is so much power within ourselves and this episode will help you begin to tap into that!
  • How Ava got into yoga and meditation
  • The process of breath work in meditation
  • How meditation and breathwork practices can create abundance in your life
In this episode we discuss how breath work can aid in stressful or highly emotional settings, simple breathing exercises you can do anywhere, and how breath work can increase creativity and connection.
In this episode, Ava talks about breathwork practices, inner child healing, and other ancient embodiment practices to experience greater physical, mental and emotional health. She even gifts us with a mini breathwork session in the midst of the episode. Enjoy Ava's magic!

Hello BeYouTiful

In this episode, Ava talks about meditation, slowing down to find our truth, living in alignment, being in faith rather than fear, spirituality vs. religion, spirituality in business and conscious internet consumption — like, don’t follow people who are posting from a place of “lack” or not-enoughness. There are lots of pearls of wisdom and tips in this episode that you’ll love!

The Blonde Files

In this episode, Samantha dives in deep with Ava Johanna a celebrity meditation and breath-work instructor. Ava shares her story of finding yoga and breath-work, two modalities that completely changed her life.

We are the ripple effect.

We look forward to seeing you inside of the next round of The Academy of Breath™.