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The Academy of Breath is the ultimate breathwork and meditation certification with NLP-inspired coaching techniques and a step-by-step business strategy to support purpose-driven individuals who know they are here to change the lives of humans across the globe. We are paving the path in the breath space by bridging the gap between science and spirituality and setting the standard for breath facilitation, nervous system optimization and integrity in the personal development space.


We created this space for the leaders that want to be known as the go-to in their industry. Whether you are a coach, fitness teacher or leader in industries from the wellness space to education, the Academy of Breath® is meant to expand your core offering and empower you and your clients at every stage of the self discovery journey. The techniques you will learn are accessibly formatted for a modern audience - from the board room to the yoga studio - blending spirituality with proven science. Our mission is to get breathwork and meditation in the hands of every person across this globe and we can't do it without you, your voice, and your unique story.




The Academy of Breath™ has set the standard in the breathwork space and coaching space. Our Level One training is a 12- week online intensive training founded with the intention to bring more breathwork and body-based modalities into different industries and communities around the world first by empowering you to take your own daily practice to the next level.

Our core value is to create leaders that walk their walk, so embodiment of these practices and personal mastery is the foundation of this certification which will equipyou with the tools to thrive in all areas of life - relationships, intuition, career, and Self.

Over 12 weeks, our students report time and time again that they've been on a fast track to greater confidence in their ability to teach and lead their clients, a deeper connection to their purpose, and more clarity than ever before on their path to the inevitable success that comes from prioritizing a life of alignment.



introducing our 12-week certification program...

We are committed to preserving the spiritual origin of these practices while bridging the gap between spirituality and science so you can make breathwork and meditation accessible to any individuals curious and ready to embark on a path of personal transformation. You will learn the techniques, practice and theory behind ancient yogic pranayama breathwork and meditation and how to apply it in coaching experiences, workshops, one-to-one work, and group sessions. Be prepared to become a walking testimonial for the profound transformation these tools offer while equipping yourself with the education to facilitate lasting results for every client that enters your world.

OVER THE COURSE OF 12 WEEKS, you will receive the Tools to dive deeper into your purpose, Be empowered to BE yourself through your work, and find your own voice as a thought leader.

the academy of breath


boost your confidence, gain clarity in your vision and embody the identity of the thought leader you know you are meant to become.

It is about more than just relieving stress and anxiety. Even though our society is experiencing more stress, distractions, and distance from our divine connection than ever, the tools you will learn in The Academy of Breath will show you how to walk through life with purpose and passion while creating a greater connection to yourself and those around you.

Students will learn both calming and energizing yogic pranayama techniques, mindfulness meditation, guided visualization meditation, mantra meditation, and the craft of sequencing to boost your confidence in teaching and bringing these healing modalities to the world.


"So much more than training."

"I’m truly living my work."

"I am forever changed."

"So much more than training."

"So much more than training."

"I’m truly living my work."

"I’m truly living my work."

"I am forever changed."

"I am forever changed."

create world class results with your clients using breathwork that sell your services themselves


Gain confidence in your voice as a facilitator and build a impactful business that uses proven methods that support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transformation.

Learn both the science and spiritual lineage behind these ancient tools and fill the gaps within your business that have prevented you from feeling fully confident in your ability to lead your clients to their desired results.

Deepen your core offering as a healer, teacher or coach by including breathwork and meditation healing sessions for your clients and students.

Build integrity as a leader, create safe containers for healing, and speak to various experiences your students may have practicing breathwork and meditation from a trauma-aware lens.

"I would absolutely recommend AOB to anyone who is considering it!"

"Whether you want to become a certified instructor, just want to learn these tools for your personal practice, or want an empowering community that is going to inspire you to take that leap in your business, I got SO MUCH out of this experience. And to top it off, Ava is the most knowledgeable, insightful, and inspiring teacher that I can imagine having!"

- Sydney D.


12 research-based breath + meditation techniques

12 WEEKS OF practicum CURRICULUM trainings

continuing education credits through yoga alliance


GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO start and scale your business


included in your tuition



Devon S. shares her two biggest takeaways from bringing breathwork and meditation into her life + business...


we are the only breathwork certification set up with a curriculum to help you take your coaching business to 100K+ year.

We aren't just teaching you all the tools to transform someone's life then leave you hanging. We want you to walk away from this certification knowing exactly how to make your investment back AND set the stage for long term success and impact. You'll be fully supported in our business resource hub with everything from offer creation to pricing, social media to identifying how to speak to your soulmate clients and how to create and run life-changing sessions for groups and 1:1 clients. No one does it like us and that is why our clients have gone on to create multiple six figure and 7-figure companies after their time inside of The Academy of Breath.

Your tuition includes over twelve hours of content and personal coaching with ava to support your business + coaching practice.

Associations Recognizing The Academy of Breath™:

Ready to take the next step and join our international community of coaches? Leave your information below and book a call with our team:



"AOB has changed everything for me, I am more connected and aligned to my purpose."

"I didn't know what to expect but I must say that the experience has brought me back to life and it means everything to me. Now I have a clear vision of my purpose and no more surrounded with my limiting beliefs. Ava holds a space that not only teaches you about breathwork and meditation but also helps you to connect to your higher self.

If you are living in a cocoon ready to come out of it because Ava and her amazing team will mentor & provide you with the tools & techniques and will transform you into a breathwork & meditation ROCKSTAR. The online classes and bi-weekly integration calls are filled with information, guidance and empowerment. You will become a part of a family that you will love and cherish forever. The transformation is mindblowing......

mamoona a.

"My confidence was the biggest change for me and I couldn't be happier."

"In the beginning, I was so worried about if I'd be able to actually film a 10 minutes video for the certification. So many self-limiting beliefs were coming up, but the way the weeks were set up with weekly homework I slowly began to realize my power. I'm not the same person I was when I started the six weeks. I'm more confident, happier, and I know that I'm aligning with my purpose.

I learned a lot about the science and practice of meditation and breathwork, so that I can be knowledgable when working with others. It's incredible how confident I feel now about being able to lead sessions! Ava is truly the best and she is so genuine. Her support throughout the course and beyond is incredible."

Sabine L.

"I would absolutely recommend AOB to anyone looking to tap into a sisterhood of like-minded conscious women, deepen their practice & reconnect with their purpose."

"Especially during these times, I think receiving this type of education, especially from someone with Ava's experience, is extremely valuable and will help you navigate all of life's experiences by keeping you connected to our emotional and physical body. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use one of the techniques or skills I learned in this course to both keep me grounded AND in-addition support my own clients through their own transformations. Breath truly IS life and this program re-affirmed how important it is to nurture the relationship between our physical and spiritual self, especially after dealing with chronic illnesses that can cause you to feel disconnected."


"Now that I have dedicated myself to a daily practice I feel lighter, more confident, more in tune with what’s within and I know at the end of the day, I GOT THIS!"

"Third Eye opening! Thoughtful, expansive, deeply informative and filled with so much love and care. This is how I would describe the Academy of Breath™. AOB was really a unique experience not only because it was all virtual, but because it was my first Pranayama training. I didn’t know what to expect! At the beginning of 2020, I was a hot mess! I was lost in emotional pain and self doubt, wondering about my purpose and I knew that I was meant for something more and I was on a quest for a spiritual journey. That’s when I was introduced to Ava. I felt inspired and I had to get in on this practice! Breath work and meditation have changed me profoundly in just the past two months."

Marissa B.

I have the confidence to create practices for my clients to help support them on their own journey and transformation."

The Academy of Breath was informative and educational, but also so empowering and transformational for my own life and practice, my coaching business, and even my relationships. AND it was also SO MUCH FUN! And I’ve learned to embody my own practice even further; owning my own voice as a leader and healer in the spiritual wellness space.

I didn’t expect it, but more of me came out throughout this certification and I’m sharing more of my authentic self with the world every day. One of the biggest things for me was that I was able to integrate the practices that were presented right away with confidence.

Tara D.

 📣 AOB™ fam, tell the people! 

"I don’t even recognize myself!"

"I’ve become the person I dreamt of being."

"Best investment I’ve ever made in myself."

"i don’t even recognize myself!"

"i don’t even recognize myself!"

"i’ve become the person i dreamt of being."

"i’ve become the person i dreamt of being."

"best investment i’ve ever made in myself."

"best investment i’ve ever made in myself."

meet the team of support behind you


Founder and Lead Trainer

Ava Johanna is an international breathwork and meditation instructor and founder of The Academy of Breath. She is sought after for her expertise in teaching everyone from celebrities to CEOs to stay-at-home moms how to take ancient practices into the modern world to enhance their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states.

Ava Johanna built The Academy of Breath after years of research and experience facilitating across Southern California and seeing a massive gap in the accessibility and ease of how breathwork was being shared.

Ava has been featured as the go-to breathwork instructor with top brands like Alo Yoga, Bandier, and mindbodygreen for her fresh take on ancient practices.

From bringing breathwork to festivals, retreats, fitness classes and the online space, it’s no wonder Wanderlust listed Ava as one of 35 under 35 in the Wellness Industry to Watch. The Academy of Breath has taken the world by storm and has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

why past students love this certification...

"I wish I could have joined AOB™ years ago!!! "

"Ava knows her stuff, she really is the Beyoncé of breath work. It is hard to put into words the transformation that these tools add to your life. These practices have become a part of my every day routine, if I miss a day I can feel it and I’m pretty sure others around me can too! Whether you are interested in teaching these practices or adding them to your personal life, it is worth the investment!! Trust me when I say it will change your life in the most beautiful way possible."


"My confidence in myself as a leader has soared since the start of this program ."

"I'm so grateful I chose to invest in this course. The material and Ava's energy lights you up from the first session and conveys both the spiritual and scientific benefits of these techniques in a seamless and inspiring way. I feel empowered as both a practitioner and leader of these practices and have put them into application in my own life and business to bring the benefits to my clients. I'm more connected to my intuition than at any other point in my life."


"The Academy of Breath™ is truly about total transformation! It is SO much more than a course on breathwork/meditation."

"Yes, Ava goes deep into many breathwork & meditation styles, the science, the spirituality behind each, how to use them, how to teach them and allows time to practice each. The surprise factor is how much information & space is given for self-reflection and inner-work. Ava gives from a place of true service and it shows in her genuine spirit, the incredible value she provides and her unique ability to listen and connect with each participant."


"I absolutely loved my experience! "

"The energy, information and heart-felt support from Ava, Lexi and the team, right from the start set the tone for how amazing this program is. I have personally experienced profound shifts myself over the last few months using these tools, and have been able to help others facilitate the same by putting them into practice. I felt this was such a supportive and nurturing container, focused on both us grow personally, as well as getting certified. Once you are in the AOB world, you feel like family. I highly recommend this program as it is truly life changing."


"Joining the Academy of Breath™ was the best investment I made this year!"

"I learned so much about breath work, meditation and myself during the program. I have taught yoga for over 6 years and have never truly felt confident or comfortable leading breath work or meditation, until now. The Academy of Breath awakened the tools that were already within me, encouraged me to truly show up as my authentic self, find my voice and guide others in their breath work/mediation practice."



" I am beyond confident now in so many areas of my life."

I loved the experience I had working with Ava in the Academy of Breath™! She holds space so beautifully for others and allows them to have their own unique journey. I had already been trained in breath but did not have the confidence or knowledge to teach or share this gift. I honestly can not say enough good things! That's just one of the many bonuses of working with Ava, she will show you the rockstar you have always been!"


"I was able to better view and understand my future self, and how to hone in on exactly what it is I want, and how to get there."

"Every aspect of The Academy of Breath™ was essential: live calls, masterclasses, course platform & the social media community all were very fundamental in the flow of energy these souls created within Ava’s safe space. The learning also significantly boosted my confidence and how to deal with identity crisis issues when they surfaced. Ava has this magical way of propelling your mindset straight into this future self through the practices & knowledge she shares."


"The Academy of Breath™ is truly about total transformation! It is SO much more than a course on breathwork/meditation."

"Yes, Ava goes deep into many breathwork & meditation styles, the science, the spirituality behind each, how to use them, how to teach them and allows time to practice each. The surprise factor is how much information & space is given for self-reflection and inner-work. Ava gives from a place of true service and it shows in her genuine spirit, the incredible value she provides and her unique ability to listen and connect with each participant."

- Lee Anne

Anais P. shares how The Academy of Breath™ fostered a community that supported her in changing her life...


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"If breathwork were taught us when we were learning the alphabet...the world would be a better place."


Manifestations galore during Davina's time in The Academy of Breath™ - dream car, speaking opportunities, and so much more!


what makes us different?

Access to business + coaching resources

Yoga alliance continuing education credits

Discounts on workshops & events

Combine both research-backed science with the spiritual origin of the practice

Live coaching every week

Access to monthly office hours during the program

Hold space for emotional processing

Learn how to teach one-on-one and group breathwork



why aob?

We believe in making breathwork accessible without compromising on the quality of our world-class certification program. We are here to create the best in the world of breathwork, while staying true to our value of keeping access to it equitable across the globe. We need this work in the hands of more people just like you. When you join you get…

"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"A powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"a powerful community of wellness entrepreneurs."

"I loved The Academy of Breath! What a beautiful space Ava held for all the teachers."

"She explained the science behind the breathing techniques and how we can apply it to improve our lives. Her confidence and friendly demeanor shined through as she lead a beautiful example of how we can all become the meditation teacher of our dreams. I highly recommend taking this course with Ava to improve your own meditation practice and be able to share it with others!"


"AOB was perfect for me and I couldn't recommend it more!"

"I am so happy that I was referred in to the Academy of Breath by a friend! I had just thought about launching a business to help people with anxiety, and the material provided by Ava was the perfect mixture of the spiritual & science aspects of breathwork and meditation. The information was provided very efficiently with many bonus tools that are highly beneficial for reference and for launching a business."

- NIC W. 

"I feel knowledgeable, confident and prepared to begin facilitating and integrating these tools into my offerings."

"If you are looking for a certification program that beautifully blends the science and spirituality behind breathwork and meditation, supported by the unwavering encouragement of Ava as your coach throughout the whole process I would HIGHLY recommend the Academy of Breath.

I truly feel revitalized by the power of this work!"



"This certification program is truly life changing. It's simplified but jam-packed with knowledge, tools & so much information."

"The Academy of Breath completely shifted the way I show up for myself, allowed me to simplify my morning routine and start my day with ease. I've been able to shift into confidence, believe that I'm knowledgable and expand my offerings as a healer and coach

Ava is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about everything and their experience."


"The Academy of Breath opened my mind and heart to new possibilities for myself and my business."

This course is packed with incredible information presented in such a beautiful, digestible way!

The ultimate blend of science & spirituality. If you feel called to join AOB, listen to your calling- you will not be disappointed! 


"The Academy of Breath is the perfect blend of science and spirituality."

"The FB group provides a very supportive community as well! It is very educational and simultaneously, totally blissful.

Highly recommend the Academy of Breath to anyone looking to expand their offerings as a facilitator or as a student!"


"This program has opened up so many expansive goals in my career as a coach and leader.'

"The moment Ava shared The Academy of Breath Certification I knew I was in. Ava truly stretched my imagination and gave me so many tools to dive deeper into my purpose. She empowered me to be MYSELF, be unique and find your my own voice in this space. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your being and begin to trust your intuition and voice as a leader this certification is for you!"


- LEXI R. 

frequently asked questions:


What is the format of the program?

The Academy of Breath™ curriculum consists of:

  • 12 Weeks of Self Study Curriculum Trainings + Masterclasses
  • Entire Business Resource Hub
  • NLP-inspired Coaching Methods
  • Weekly live office hours
  • MP3s and breathwork training videos
  • Meditation and breathwork scripts
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets
  • 2 Day In-Person Immersion in Los Angeles
  • and private Facebook community

Can I teach meditation and breathwork upon completion?

Yes! The Academy of Breath™ is meant to expand your core offering. Whether you are a yoga teacher or a life coach, upon completing the twelve week program and submitting all necessary documents, you will receive a certificate of completion valid with the International Breathwork Foundation and Yoga Alliance.

Is this program for me if I have no meditation or breathwork experience?

All levels are welcome! We will be covering a range of techniques, proper breath control, and meditation styles. Please be aware that you will be encouraged to commit to a daily practice throughout the duration of the program.

If something comes up during the 12 weeks and I can't finish, will I lose the ability to get certified?

Completing your certification within the 12 weeks is encouraged, but you will receive lifetime access to all of the calls and the course material. In order to receive the certificate of completion for teaching, you must watch all the calls (live or recorded) and submit the required materials for certification. If you do not plan to teach, no material submission is necessary.

Is The Academy of Breath™ recognized by Yoga Alliance?

Yes! Upon graduating the Academy of Breath™ and fulfilling all requirements, you will receive 34 non-contact CE credits through Yoga Alliance. We are also recognized by the International Breathwork Foundation.

What are the payment options?

The Academy of Breath™ is made accessible with either a pay in full option of $3500 or a flexible payment plan that can be split into the 6 or 9 months. The entire tuition must be paid in order to receive your certification. 

Do I need to be a teacher or coach to sign up?

No! While The Academy of Breath™ equips you with the tools and technique to teach breathwork and meditation in a 1:1 or group setting, you do not need to be a teacher or coach to join.

The intention is to create more teachers AND to empower students to deepen their own practice with more knowledge, techniques and resources.

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Questions? Check out our FAQ or email for support.

"You will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."

"you will not regret this experience."