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Discover how breathwork can transform your life in this free 90-minute masterclass with Ava Johanna  - Academy of Breath founder. It's time to unleash your level 2.0 and lay the foundations for an empowered and truly next-level 2024.

it's not about knowing what you want

To become your next level self before the end of the year, it’s not just about knowing what you want, it’s about deciding to BE the person that already has what you want.

 To truly ascend to your next level, you have to break yourself out of the old patterns that are holding you back and cultivate unwavering self-trust. Then you'll ignite momentum that's palpable in every moment.

You already have the tools you need to launch into your next level and inside of Next Level You, I’m going to teach you exactly how to unlock it so that there is no limit to what you can create by the end of 2023.

the power of breath

Breathwork creates transformation in two ways. First, it carves out the space we need for clarity, guiding us to understand our next steps, the changes required, and what truly aligns with our essence. Simultaneously it evokes the emotions and sensations we want to feel, allowing us to experience real-time transformation and alignment with our desires. In essence, it's a powerful tool that harmonizes our mind and emotions, not only facilitating immediate change but sustainable momentum.

What You Can Expect In this masterclass


discover the power of breathwork

Ava is going to teach you her breathwork secret weapon. A practice that has helped her and thousands of people just like you to create transformation, long-lasting change and sustainable success.

learn a new daily success practice

You're not just going to sit there taking notes, you're going to create clear action and clear thought on stepping into your next level. You'll learn a fun daily practice to help you quickly feel empowered and that you can incorporate into everyday life.

hit your next level goals

Finally you're going to discover how to actually step into a success mindset and become unshakeable in hitting all your goals by the end of the year.

breathwork unlocked success I didn’t know was possible

I am a global meditation and breathwork instructor, somatic healing and spiritual leader, and founder of the leading breathwork and meditation certification program, The Academy of Breath.

Throughout the years, breathwork and meditation have been integrated in everything I create for my clients and in my own healing, proving to be a fast track to spiritual connection, a deeper awareness and understanding of our power as creators, and a greater ability to show up daily as the highest version of ourselves.

Ava Johanna x

i'm so excited to bring breathwork into your life.

From my beginnings as a yoga teacher...

... to a global meditation and breathwork leader

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